15 STEPS you must have clarity with if you want to CREATE A STRONG BUSINESS BRAND BLUEPRINT  

  • Are you stuck with working on your business and need more clarity and focus?
  • Are you looking for the steps to create a complete vision that helps you move forward with your marketing?
  • Are you wanting to be taken seriously so you can show up in alignment with your message? 

Why do you need a Blueprint ?

 They are vital to a successful, consistent, recession proof business.

You will know what you need to focus on to grow your business.

You will have an insight with what your Ideal customer needs are, that may never have crossed your mind before! 

Gets you focused and takes you from working in your business to on your business.

Keeps you grounded.  

Helps you grow your business by knowing how to help your customer. 

It prevents you from being taken off course by shiny objects.

You will have a go to document that helps you with all your marketing. 

You will be clearer with how to create an impact and be noticed. 

People will stand up and take notice when you are clear with what you are offering and how you can help. 

Hi- I’m Julia Cartwright 


  I work with Brave, highly driven early stage entrepreneurs, Change makers, Creative CEO’s who are stuck at a crossroads and loosing confidence create the most aligned, powerful, and profitable brands from combining deeper inner alignment, being visible and ensuring the personality, feel and style of your brand is perceived positively by your ideal clients getting them to invest in you